How to Wear Bharatanatyam Dress- Kuchipudi | Odissey Dance Dresses

How to Wear Bharatanatyam Dress or KUCHIPUDI or ODYSSEY Dance dress contains FIVE pieces

  1. Kacham/pant/lower piece
  2. Blouse
  3. Pallu/pyta/ooni/chunni
  4. Main fan of the dress with pleats with hooks
  5. Back piece/buttocks’ cover
  1. Wear kacham/Pant and tighten with the given thread nada in the waist belt.
  2. Wear the blouse.
  3. Wear the pallu/pyta/ooni adjusting to the shoulder and do the lower part of the pallu inshirt and tie the attached back side naada or the thread to the front of the waist and attached front side naada to the back of the waist and ensure all the naadas are inserted into the pant/kacham without showing outside.
  4. Fix the main fan of the dance dress to the pant/kacham with the provided hooks and loops. Ensure that the top portion of the fan is tied/hooked properly.
  5. Finally, wear the Back piece covering the waist and the buttocks.
  6. Last but not least, Ensure the applied ALTA is completely dried before wearing the dance dress


Jumka (earring with upward extension)
Oddiyanam (waistband)
Nathni (nose ring)
Long Mala (long necklace)
Short Mala (choker)
2 Vaanki (armbands)
Chudiya (colored bangles to match your dress)
Ghungroo (musical anklet with metallic bells)
Mattal (forehead)
Chandra (moon shaped hair ornament)
Surya (sun shaped hair ornament)
1 Red stick-on Bindi(a decorative mark worn in the middle of the forehead)


Kunjalam (Three cotton pom pom’s to tie at the end of a braid)
2 Rubber Bands
Hair Extension (to tie a long plait with)
Real or fake Gajra (string of flowers, usually white)
A pair of Scissors
Black String


Eye Shadow (to match dress)
Face Powder
Liquid Foundation
Red Lip Color
Red Nail Polish
Eye Liner
Kohl (dark black)
Eyelash Curler
Alta (a red colored liquid that the dancers use to decorate their hands and feet)container
A small Container
Cotton Buds
Safety Pins

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