How to Make-up for Bharatanatyam Dance – Classical Dances

Do you know How to Make-up for Bharatanatyam Dance & Classical Dance Programs?

Make-up Procedure

Material for doing make-up
1. Panstick 7. Sponge
2. Pancake
(body color no.’s 25, 26, 27, yellow, Egyptian dark, blue, red, etc)
8. Alta
3. Powder 9. Cheek Rouge
4. kajal 10. Gold powder
5. Lipsticks 11. Spirit gum
6. Brushes
  1. Clean the face with a wet sponge
  2. Apply pan stick evenly on the face without showing any patches
  3. Apply cheek rogue on the face
  4. Apply powder on the face and remove with the help of a wet sponge
  5. Apply pancake on the face evenly without showing patches or gaps
  6. Apply cheek rouge on the cheeks with the help of blusher and mix it into the pancake so that the cheek color looks similar redness where ever you apply
  7. Apply Egyptian dark pancake on the sides of the nose lighter
  8. Apply one more coating of the pancake on the tip of the nose little thicker
  9. Shaping the eyebrows with the help of black liner and an eyebrow brush elevating the middle portion of the eyebrow and shape the lower portion of the eyebrow and make the eyebrow darker and thicker. The end of the eyebrow line should be narrow and goes down towards the kajal.
  10. Apply spirit gum with the help of a brush at the lower portion of the eyebrow where shaping is done to make the unwanted hair not to be seen and apply pan stick and pancake on the spirit gum application and after this apply gold powder after mixing with the pancake on the patchwork and shaping work of the lower eyebrow evenly not making thick line.
  11. Apply kajal with the kajal brush sharp and narrow line. The end portion of the kajal line should go towards the end portion of the eyebrow without touching each other
  12. Apply lip liner with the help of a lipstick brush and fill the lips with red lipstick.
  13. Apply yellow pancake mixing with skin color pancake as a final touch up on the face without touching the cheek rouge part, eyebrows and kajal and lipstick part which gives a golden glow to the face.
  14. Stick the Tilak sticker appropriately and white color as given in the makeup kit making a V below the Tilak sticker
  15. Ensure pancake and pan stick is also applied on the neck and behind the ears.
  16. Apply Alta on the fingertips of hands and legs and also around the feet.
  17. Last but not least remove the unnecessary make particles from the face with the help of a blusher brush

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