Fancy Dress Competition Speech

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Lion Fancy Dress Speech 

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Pirate Fancy Dress Speech



I am a soldier. I am brave and strong. I fight for  my country and make many sacrifices.

The safety of my country is my most important duty. I protect my country from terrorists and other enemies. I make sure my country’s citizen sleep well at night. For my country I would sacrifice my life!


I walk in cramped lanes, through crowded streets, to dangerous locations, for a piece of story.
I am a journalist. I bring the news to you.
I report current events and pass on this information to the common people.
I work with newspapers, online publications, tv channels or magazines.
Being a journalist is not easy. Sometimes I have to put my life in danger.
But it is my responsibility to bring out the truth in front of the people.
So if you have an interesting story to tell, let me know.


Red, blue, yellow and white,
Orange, green, add colours as you  might

Let them spread, let them wash,
From the palette onto the brush.

I ready my canvas and tilt my hat,
I am a painter, I paint, sometimes even a cat.

It’s like the colours sing to me,
And together we paint a melody.

What a fun thing to do it is I say,
You can be one too…just pick up the brush and paint away!


Sonia Gandhi

I am Sonia Gandhi.

I was born on 9th  December, 1946.

I am the president of the Indian National Congress since 1998.

I am married to the late Rajiv Gandhi, son of Indira Gandhi.

I have a son named Rahul Gandhi and a daughter named Priyanka Gandhi.

I am dedicated to serving my country in its best interests and fight for my people’s rights.


A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

I am A.P.J. Abdul kalam.

I was  born on 15th  October 1931, in a small village called Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu.

I am an Indian Scientist and served as the 11th President of the country from 2002 to 2007.

Before being a President I was working as an Aerospace engineer with Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

I am popularly known as the ‘Missile Man’ for my work in the development of missiles and the launching technology.

Currently I am a visiting professor at IIM (Indore, Ahmedabad and Shillong).

“You have to dream, if you want your dreams to come true”.



Spiderman Spiderman

Does what a spider  can

Spins a web, any size,

Catches thieves just like flies

Look Out!

Here comes the Spiderman.

Friendly neighborhood Spiderman

Wealth and fame

He ignores,

Action is his reward.

Look Out!

Here comes the Spiderman.



I work when you sleep.

I protect you and  your family.

I have no holidays and no rest.

I’m brave as a lion and strong as a rock.

I catch thieves and punish bad people.

Yes, I’m a policeman. Jai Hind!!



Hi, I am Radha.

I have many  friends.

But Krishna is my best friend.

We play, sing and dance together.

Krishna is very naughty.

And I’m very shy.

But we are good friends.

And we always help each other.


Chota Bheem

Dekho Main Hun Chota Bheem,

Bachon Ka Pyara Chota  Bheem.

Laddoo Mujhko Bohot Hi Pyare,

Khata Unko Raat aur Din.

Burai Se Main Kabhi na Darta,

Har Mushkil Mein Dat Ke Ladta.

Tum Bhi Ache Bache Bano,

Jag Mein Roshan Naam Karo.



Hello Friends, I am Krishna.

People call me  by many names.

Some call me Kanha, some say Makhan Chor.

I was a naughty but a very brave child.

My Birthday is celebrated as Janmashtami.

For me, Karma is very important.

Everyone should do his duty honestly.



I’m Ram, the son of King Dashrath.

You can  learn many things from my life.

Always keep your promise, never break it.

Obey your parents, and always speak truth.

Never give up, just keep on doing your duty.

Rich or poor, love all people equally.

If you do good, you will get good.

Bad things happen to those who trouble others.



The Sun, the Moon and the Stars,

Rivers, mountains and  clouds,

Sing Glory to my Name,

And Follow my ways.

I am the ruler of this Universe, I am Shiva;

Ganesha is my dearest son,

I am also called Neelkanth and Mahadev,

Peace comes on those who chant….
Om Namah Shivay!



Jai Shri Ram, Jai Shri Ram.

Hello Friends, I am  Hanuman.

I have many powers and I can fly high.

I’m the best friend of Ram.

And helped him in fighting Ravana – the evil king of Lanka.

When you read Hanuman Chalisa,

You get free from fear,

And your mind is at peace.

Always remember my teaching,

Be honest, truthful and loyal.


Jesus Christ

Hello Friends, I am Jesus Christ.

I am the Son of God.

My Birthday is celebrated as Christmas Day.

You can learn many things from my life.

Never tell lies, always forgive others.

Be kind and honest, never harm others.

Love your enemies and show mercy to all.

Be good, patient and gentle.

And spread love, peace & joy everywhere.



I am a Little Fairy,

I Shine so bright.

I am a  Little Fairy,

Let me show you my light.


I am a Little Fairy,

I am the Child of God.

I am a Little Fairy,

I am the friend of all.


I am a Little Fairy,

I fly so high, from flowers to the sky.

I am a Little Fairy,

I like kids who don’t lie.



Pink, yellow, white and blue,

All my colors  look new.

I am India’s national flower,

Blooming daily in the morning hour.

I am a lovely lotus flower,

Peace and love is what I shower.



Hello Friends, I am a tree.

I have many  branches and leaves.

When Sun throws his heat.

You can come under my shade and sit.

I give you so many things.

Shade, wood and fruits.

When I am your friend.

Please stop cutting me.



Hi…I’m Water.

I’m used in many  ways.

You can drink me.

Wash your clothes.

Take bath and clean yourself.

Without me you can not live.

Save all my drops, don’t waste me.

Just close the tap when you don’t need me.


Mother Earth

I am Mother Earth, I gave you birth

I gave you hills, rivers

Mountains & trees that are worth

But now I am crying, because I am not clean

Now I am dying, because there is no green…

I am your dear Mother, don’t pollute me

Grow more trees, and make me green!



Dekho main hoon Aladdin,

Pass mere hai chirag aur  jin.

Jasmine, Aboo aur Ali mere dost,

Karte hum masti har roz.

Dushman se ham kabhi na darte,

Ek saath himmat se ladte.

Tum bhi mere dost bano,

Sang mere duniya ki sair karo.



I am the beautiful & lovely Cinderella,

Believe in your dreams is what I teach.

This is my pretty dress for the dance,

Where I will meet my prince by chance.

These are my lovely glass slippers for the night,

But I will have to reach home before its midnight.


Air Hostess

I am an Air Hostess.

I work in a  plane.

If you need coffee, tea or snack.

You just have to ring the bell.

I serve you with food.

And help you with everything.

So welcome to this flight.

And get ready to fly.

Hope you enjoy this trip with me.


Barbie Doll

I am a Barbie Doll, I love rock and  roll.

Girls are my best friends and I like them all.

They style me, dress me as they like.

Make my hair in different style.

I sing and dance and make them laugh.

And I sleep with them on their beds.


Jhansi Ki Rani

There lived in India,

A queen named Lakshmi  Bai.

She ruled the state of Jhansi,

And was never shy.

When British army attacked her,

She fought with all courage.

She was braver than the men,

And defeated many with her sword.



The third among the Pandava Prince,

Arjun was brave, mighty and a great student.

He respected and obeyed his teacher Drona.

He was a master archer who never missed a shot.

The true warrior of Mahabharata, the kind and gentle.

Arjun was the real hero who was helped by Lord Krishna.



Swoosh!! Swoosh!! in the air I fly,

Twist and turn,  gliding through the sky.

I see the earth from a little up high,

The sun, the moon, the stars, as they pass me by.

I take with me some people, here and there,

My airplane is big and very rarely spare.

Dressed in white and blue with a clear sight,

I am a pilot, so just sit back and have a good flight.


Pari (Angel)

Pankh fehla kar, chadi chamka kar,

Aayi hoon  main bahut dur se udh kar.

Jaadu si hain duniya meri,

Lekar aayi hoon khushiyon ki jholi.

Sab main pyaar felati hoon,

Kabhi hasti hoon kabhi gaati hoon.

Chahek uthte hain fool aur bagiye,

Aur Panchi, jharne aur jeev.

Tum bhi aao mere saath,

Fehlao yeh pyaari si baat.

Haso aur hasao sab ko,

Aisi duniya banate jao.

Jhag mag jhaag mag karte sab,

Aur mil batke rehte sab.