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Fancy Costume is the largest supplier of Fancy Dresses in Chennai known as Blossom Faancys. We have a ready stock of Western Dance Dresses, Bharathanatyam Dresses, Mythological & Folk Dance Costumes, Theme-based Costumes, Kids Fancy  Classical Dance Dress Western Dance Costumes , Kutchupudi Dance, Manipuri Dance Dress, Traditional Dance costumes Accessories and many more available at reasonable price.

Bridal Jewellery Sets are also available.  We take custom orders also.

Contact : 9884500610  – 8610352041 – 044-22742637

Product Lists:

Aaram 3 step Jewels Jaggu bandar Fancy Dress punjabi dress big chunni
Abdul Kalam Fancy Costume Jansi fancy turban Papaya fancy Costume
Air Force Fancy Dress Japanese Boy Fancy Costume Parandi
Air Hostess imported Fancy Costume  Birbal Pagdi | Turban fancy accessories Parrot fancy Costume
Air Hostess Fancy Dress Japanese Fancy Costume dress Parrot green harrom
Akbar  Pagdi | Turban fancy accessories Japanese Fan Fancy Dress Props Parrot mask
Aladdin Imported Fancy Dress Jasmine – Arabian girl Fancy dress parrot rubber mask
Alexzander The Great with cap Fancy Costume Party Mustache
Ambedkar Fancy Costume and Spects Peach net lehenga
Anarkali Fancy Costume Jesus christ Fancy Costume Peacock fancy Costume Dress
Andal greedam Fancy Props Peacock dress complete (jumpsuit pattern)
Angel Fancy Costume Peacock Feather
Angel gown Fancy Dress Peacock feathers
Angrakha Kurta Fancy Costume Jesus christ Wig and Beard fancy accessories Peas fancy Costume
Jesus  fancy curling beard Pen fancy Costume
Animal Fancy Costume Jesus fancy Wig & Beard Pencil fancy Costume Dress
Animal head mask fancy Props Jimiki fancy Bridal Jewels Penguin fancy Costume
Anna Fancy costume dress Jokar Fancy Costume Pepsi cutout fancy Costume
Ant Fancy Dress Joker fancy Mascot Perumal Kavasam
Arabian Shaikh Fancy Dress Jumpsuit Fancy Dress Pig fancy Costume
Arakkan cap and  Kombu | Horn fancy accessories Pigeon fancy Costume
Arakkan wig fancy accessories Kai kili fancy props Pilot Fancy Costume
Army fancy Dress – kargil print Kathi fancy props Pilot Black
Military fancy dress-xl green Kammal fancy Jewels Pilot engineer
Arthanareeshwarar God Costume fancy dress Karagam fancy accessories Pim pom
Arthanari Belt fancy accessories Pineapple
Artificial Tongue Fancy Costume Props Pink double layered flower
Artmy Karagattam fancy dress Pink Double Sahde Flower
Aruva Fancy Costume Props Pink Double Sahde Flower
Assam boy Fancy Costume karagam fancy dress Pink fairy dress (lotus)
Astronaut Fancy Costume Karate Fancy Costume pink frock latkan
ATM Fancy Dress pink frock latkan
atthip Pink golden
Avvaiyar fancy costume dress Pink harrom
Badge – Police fancy accessories Pig Pink Fancy Costume
Bal Gangadhar Tilak fancy costume dress Pink princess dress large
Bala Ganesha fancy costume dress Pink princess dress medium
Balveer cartoon fancy dress Karshmiri Girl Fancy Dress Pink princess dress small
Bangle bridal fancy Kashmiri boy Pathani fancy dress Pink Shirt
Batman fancy costume dress Kashmiri boy with fancy Jacket Pink Shirt
Bear fancy dress Kasimala small fancy Jewels Pink shirt
Bells – ankle bells – salangai – ghungroo Frock Pink silver dot
Belly dance belt fancy costume Kashmiri fancy Dance dress Top  and Pink skirt
Belly Dance Belt Black fancy costume skirt and top
Belly Dance Belt Red fancy costume Pirate Pink skirt and
belt – police- fancy accessories Katcham fancy dress platic ganesh mask
Ben 10 Fancy Costume Kathak fancy Dance dress Pluto Dog fancy Costume
Ben 10 White Fancy Dress Police fancy Costume
Beti Bachao Beti padhao fancy costume Police Belt Black Fancy Costume Props
Bhagat Singh Fancy Costume Police Belt Brown Fancy Costume Props
Bhagubali Fancy Dress Kathak turban fancy accessories Police cap Fancy Costume Props
Bhangra fancy dress for boy with turban Kathakali fancy bangles Police cap spl
Bharat Mata Fancy Costume Kathakali belt fancy props Police gun
Bharatanatyam BH-FA fancy costume Kathakali crown fancy props Police handcuffs | Hand Lock
Bharatanatyam Black fancy costume Kathakali fancy Dance dress Police stick
Bharatanatyam Brocade Model (sun fleet) fancy costume Kathakali fancy ear set Polka Dot Shirt Fancy Costume
Bharatanatyam fancy Costume  with Frills Pooh Fancy Costume
Bharatanatyam Green fancy costume Kathakali hair fancy props Pot
Bharatanatyam New Brocade Model (sun fleet) fancy costume Kathakali hand set Prince Charming Fancy Costume
Bharatanatyam Red fancy dress Kathakali hand set upper Princess Vick dress
Bharatanatyam Red with Golden Border fancy dress Princess witch
Bharatanatyam Red with Golden Border fancy dress Kathakali Haram Printed animal
bharatham  fancy dress Kathakali necklace puliyattam dress
Bharatham spl fancy dress Kathakali padayaranjanam Pumpkin
Bharathanatyam  fancy Costume White Frill Shirt
Bharathanatyam costume three fan fancy dress White frill shirt
Bharathanatyam dress single fan fancy costume White Frill Shirt
Bharathiyar without pagdi fancy costume Kathakali papper thaddi Punjabi
Bharthiyar fancy turban Kathakali skirt sack Punjabi boy
Big size chunni (punjabi pattern) fancy dress Kathakali Skirt sack big Punjabi boy
Bird fancy costume Kathhi(double) Punjabi Boy Turra & Rumal
Birds fancy Dress Kathu( ear) Punjabi cap | Turban
Bitterguard cutout fancy Dress with cap Kathu( ear)B Punjabi girl Fancy Costume
Chattayum Mundum christians costume Kavadi Punjabi girl with Chunni
Charlie Chaplin fancy Cap Qutub minar
Ghost Fancy Dress kavadi Dress (top, dhoti, patka) Rabbit Fancy Costume
Snake fancy cap Kerala dress Raddish cutout
Black harrom fancy accessories Kerala dress Radha ji Lehenga Fancy Costume
Black fancy jackets upto 7 years Kerala dress for girls (mohiniattam) Raja Kavach silver (5 to 8 years)
black fancy jumpsuit Khanda Raja top
Glitter fancy Pant and Tie Kuchipudi dress Rajastani lehenga
Rajasthan cap Fancy Props
Rajasthani boy Fancy Costume
Kimono Rajasthani Boy Pagdi | Turban
King crown Rajasthani Chunni
Kiwi Fancy Costume Rajasthani chunni (big)
Pant Lycra fancy dress Kodal gold Rajasthani girl accessories
Mangal Pandey Wig fancy accessories Kodali Fancy Props Rajasthani jewellery
Bharathanatyam fancy Dress Rajasthani Jewelry
Convocation fancy dress and cap Kodali Fancy Costume Props Rajasthani Lehenga
Fairy fancy dress imported Rajasthani Lehenga
Blue flower fancy costume Kolchilambu round Rajasthani pagdi | Turban
Blue frock large fancy dress Koyal Fancy Costume Rajastthani Boy Fancy Costume
Dance Frock Fancy Dress Rajastthani Lahenga
Dance fancy Dress for Boy Rani Laxmi Bai Fancy Costume
Blue golden dot fancy skirt and top Ravan 10 face mask
Blue harrom fancy accessories Krishna ji fancy set of 8 different sizes Red 3fill skirt and top
Blue jacket princess fancy dress Krishnan fancy blue top Red 3fill skirt and top
Blue pink fancy Lehenga (polka dot) kuraathi fancy dress Red amman
Blue fancy Skirt Top Kurathi Fancy Dress Red and silver frock
Blue fancy turban Kuzhal Red Bharathanatyam
book fancy cutout Ladies Finger fancy cutout Red Bharathanatyam
Bournvita fancy costume Lady Bird Red Bharathanatyam with golden border
Boys Ladysfinger Fancy Costume Red Bharathanatyam with golden border
Brahma ji fancy head mask accessories Ladysfinger cutout Dress Red Chilly
Brains fancy accessories red devil pride and horn
British Guard fancy dress Lady wig Red devil trident and horn set
British Soldier fancy dress Lal Bahadur Shastri Fancy Dress Red Double Shade Flower
Broch Red Double Shade Flower
brown jumpsuit fancy dress Red Frill Shirt
Buffalo Fancy Costume Red Frill Shirt
Laptop cutout fancy Dress Red frill shirt
Bullock (mukkuthi) Lawyer Fancy Costume Dance Dress Red Golden for Boy
button Leapord Fancy costume Dance Dress Red Golden for Girl
Camel Fancy Costume Leapord  fancy accessories Red golden lehenga
cap-army -green fancy accessories Leg fancy ring set gold Red golden lehenga
cape black Leg fancy ring set silver Red golden lehenga
cap-police fancy accessories Leggings Fancy Costume Red golden lehenga
Capsicum cutout with cap fancy costume Lehenga Fancy Costume Red kathak lycra
Captain America fancy costume Red punjabi chunni
Captain America girl fancy costume Red quaid e millath cap
Cartoon Fancy Costume Dress Red Shirt – Silver Pant
Cauliflower Fancy Dress Lehghka Fancy Costume Red Shirt – Silver Pant
Chakram fancy accessories Lemon Fancy Costume Red Shirt – Silver Pant
Chaniya choli Lemon cutout Fancy Dress Red single layered flower
Charlie Chaplin Fancy Costume Red turban
Check Pant Kids fancy dress Lemon malai Costume Props Red Vampire (small and medium)
Check Skirt fancy dress light green jumpsuit Red yellow double layered flower
Chef Fancy Costume light green jumpsuit Rhinocerous Fancy Costume
Chef cap Costume Props Light pink single layered flower Ring plain black
Chinese Boy fancy costume lion rubber mask fancy accessories Robinhood dress
China cap fancy Costume Props Little prince Fancy Dress S animal
Chutki – cartoon fancy costume Little red riding hood Dress safety cap
Chutti fancy accessories safety dress fireman
Cigrette fancy props Long chain arthanaree fancy Jewels Salangai 3 line velcro model
Classical Dance kondai | Hair Bun fancy accessories lord shiva rubber mask fancy accessories Salangai 4 line velcro model
Clown fancy dress Lotus Fancy Dress Salangai 5 line velcro model
Coca Cola Cut Out fancy costume Salangai 6 line velcro model
Cock Sania Mizra
Cockroach cutout fancy costume Lotus flower dress without jumpsuit Sania Mizra
coffee bite cutout fancy costume lotus temple cutout Santa Clause Fancy Dress
Colgate cutout fancy costume M animal Santa mask
Colgate object cutout fancy costume Magician cap Fancy Costume sapplakattai – Nattuvangam Wooden Thalam
color wig (lady pop) fancy accessories Magoodi Fancy Costume Props satin roll
Colour Katcham fancy dress Mala Sattai
Colour wig pop fancy accessories Mala rope Seat belt (swami)
Convocation fancy dress Mala rope Sengol stick king
Convocation fancy dress black (with gold) Malinga Wig Shaktiman Fancy Costume
Convocation fancy dress satin Manavatty dress Shalgam Fancy Costume
Convocation fancy gowns and cap &hood Mangothattam tissue Shall white
Corn Fancy Costume Sheep Fancy Costume
Cotton saree fancy costume Mani haram Jewels shield
cover  carry bag Mani malai jewels ship cutout
cover  dress cover Shirt
cow rubber mask fancy accessories Manipuri girl Dance Dress Shivaji Fancy Costume
Cricket Team fancy dress Shockins
Crow fancy costume Marathi boy dress and pakadi Shockins
crown big fancy accessories Marathi fancy Jewellery Shoe
Crown small fancy accessories Marathi Lavani fancy dress
curly hair wig colour fancy accessories Marathi Lavani Checked fancy dress
Dairy Milk Fancy Dress Silver harrom
Daisy Duck Fancy Costume Marathi Lavani  fancy saree (Checked) Silver jimki
Dance fancy jewel set Marathi  Fancy Sari Silver necklace
Dance kattai fancy props Margam kali dress Pant & Shirt Silver
dark green jumpsuit fancy dress Animal  fancy Mask accessories
dark green jumpsuit fancy dress ( soft light pattern) Eagle fancy Mask Silver Pant – Pink Shirt
Dark pink single layered flower fancy costume Mask spl silver stick butterfly
deer rubber mask fancy accessories mati cloth cap Simla Mirch
Degree cap fancy costume Maveli dress Sippai chest
Degree gown with cap Blue & Red fancy dress Maveli dress china silk Sippai Thoppi | Cap
Desktop computer cutout fancy costume Mayil Attam (peacock)
Dhothi 2 side Border fancy dress Frock Dance Dress Skeleton malai  with light
Dhothi checked fancy dress Shirt & Pant Silver colour fancy dance dress Chunni Punjabi Model
dhothi Fancy Costumes Sivaji Turban
Dhuff 1 line brass 8 inch Fancy Umbrella
Doctor Fancy Costume Smiley Emotions
Dolphin Fancy Dress Smily Apple Fancy Dress
Dolu cartoon fancy costume Smily Banana Fancy Dress
Donald Duck fancy costume Smily Brinjal Fancy Dress
Donkey fancy dress Smily Carrot Fancy Dress
Dora (medium and large) fancy dress
Dr. Radhakrishnan fancy costume Smily Mango Fancy Dress
Dragon Fancy Costume Smily Orange Fancy Dress
Duckling Fancy Costume Mermaid  Fancy dress Smily Potato Fancy Dress
Smily Raddish Fancy Dress
Shivaji Turban | Pagdi fancy accessories Smily Strawberry Fancy Dress
Dustbin cutout fancy costume Metro cutout Smurf large
Ear rine kunukku pice MGR cap
Ear ring arthanaree fancy accessories Mickey Mouse Fancy Costume
Earth cutout fancy coatume Snake
Earth round cutout fancy costume Snake dress
Eeti fancy props Snake Gireedam
Egept boy Fancy Costume Snake head mask
Egyptian Boy imported fancy Dress Snake set Sivan
Egyptian girl imported fancy Dress Mighty raju Snakeset
Elfs Fancy Costume Mijoram Girl Fancy Costume Snow white dress
Elizebeth Fancy dress Snowman Fancy Costume
Elsa set fancy dress Soap cutout Dress with cap
Eluthaani fancy props Minni Mouse Fancy Costume Sofia princess dress
Emblem cap fancy accessorries Egg cutout Dress with cap
Emblem KP fancy accessories
Emblem Ribbon fancy accessories softycutout with cap
Emblem star fancy accessories Spanish Girl
Engine signal fancy costume Special beard
face book cutout fancy costume Minnion Fancy Costume Spider Girl Fancy Costume
Fan (visiri) fancy accessories
Fancy Costume accessories set
Farmer fancy costume
Feather head band fancy accessories Spider web Fancy Costume props
Feathers fancy props Mix Dress Spiderman Fancy Costume
Fire cutout with cap fancy costume Mix Dress Spinach cutout with cap
Fire Man fancy costume Mix dress western Squirrel Fancy Costume
Fire man belt fancy accessories
Firozy Frill Shirt fancy costume
Firozy Silver Boys fancy costume Star  Fancy Costume
Firozy Western for Boy fancy costume star fish Fancy Costume
Firozy Western for Girl fancy costume Step Fancy Costume
Firozy Western for Girl fancy costume Mix T-shirt Dress stick Fancy Costume props
Firozy western for girl fancy costume Stick IG Fancy Costume props
Fish Fancy Dress Stick king Fancy Costume props
Fisherman cap fancy accessories Stick Panakkol Fancy Costume props
Flamingo Boy Fancy Dress Stick police Fancy Costume
Mixed colour harrom Sun Fancy Costume
Flamingo Girl Fancy Dress Mobile Fancy Dress Super / spiderman
Modi Fancy dress Super Girl Fancy Costume
Mohiniyattam kerala dress Superman Fancy Costume
Flawayan Dress Mohini Fancy Costume dress sweets cutout with cap
Flower Maan kombu | Deer Horn Fancy Costume Props Sword Fancy Costume props
Flower cloth fancy costume Mother Mary Fancy Dress Sword and shield Fancy Costume Props
Flower Frock fancy costume Mother Mary Sword with cover
Flower Head 1 step fancy costume Mother Taresa Fancy Costume Teeth Horror Fancy Costume
Flower Print Shirt fancy costume Mowgli Fancy Costume Teiki
Flower Print Shirt fancy costume Whrist band pair Multicolour Thadi kathi
Flower Print Shirt fancy costume Princess dress (zinfan) Thappattam Fancy Costume
flower set cloth ring white fancy dress Firozy Frock Multicolour Thappu Fancy Costume
Flowers only cutout fancy costume Mund Thief Mask Fancy Costume
fresh brocodesunfleet dress fancy costume Mund mata with hands Thiruvalluvar ezhuthani
Fridge cutout fancy costume Mund mata without hands Thiruvodu
Frosted Princess anna large fancy dress Mustache Thol kili
Frosted Princess anna medium fancy dress Nada Tiger accessories
Frosted Princess anna small fancy costume Nagaland Boy fancy Costume Tiger adult size head mask and hand and foot gloves
Frozen anna dress large fancy costume Nagaland girl fancy Costume tiger complete set
Frozen elsa fancy dress large Nail Tiger imported
Frozen elsa fancy dress medium Nails Tiger jumpsuite Fancy Costume
Frozen elsa fancy dress Small Navy fancy Costume Tiger rubber mask
Fruit Necklace Bridal Tirpura Boy
Fruit dress new fancy costume Nehru Ji fancy Costume Tirpura Girl
Fruit dress spl fancy costume Ninja Hattori (small and large) Tlara
Fruits Fancy Costume Noge Toothbrush cutout Fancy Costume
Nose Tops 7 stone white
Gandhi Ji Fancy Costume Nun fancy Costume Tortoise Fancy Costume
Gandhi Spects fancy props nylon Track Suit
Ganesh rubber mask fancy accessories Obama fancy Costume
Garudan rubber mask fancy accessories Obama fancy Costume Tree Fancy Costume
Gathai silver fancy props Octopus fancy Costume Tu Tu Skirt Firozi
Gif ear Oddissy fancy Costume dress
Ginger Bread Odissey Dance jewellery
Girls Odissi Dance Dress
glouse black small fancy accessories
glouse red and white fancy accessories Odissi Dress Fancy Dance Costume
Gloves black (small) fancy accessories Onion Fancy Dress
Gloves red and white (medium) fancy accessories Oolaisuvadi Tu Tu Skirt Fancy Costume
Gloves red black white fancy accessories Oppana Bag
Goa boy Fancy Dress Oppana blouse Kerala Dress
Oppana boys jibba kerala Dress
Goa boy and girl fancy dress Oppana Kachimund
Goa boy pant and shirt fancy dress Head flower Orange Turban | Pagdi | headwear
Goa girl – skirt & top fancy costume Turban | Pagdi Tweety Fancy Costume
Goat Fancy Costume Ottamthullal Fancy Costume Umbrella Fancy Costume Props
Ottamthullal Crown
Golf cap fancy props Owl Fancy Costume Vampire teeth (imported) Fancy Costume props
Gold grey wig fancy accessories Vanvasi Ram Fancy Costume
Golden net chunni 2 M fancy dress
golden stick star fancy props
Golden wig fancy props Vanvasi Seeta Fancy Costume
Golden Wig – Lady fancy props
Golu fancy costume
Gorilla fancy costume Veenai Fancy Costume props
Graduation  fancy Costume full Adult Black Velcro 1inch
Grapes Fancy Costume Velcro3/4 inch
gray jumpsuit fancy dress visil code-blue
Green apple cutout with cap fancy dress Vivekanandar Fancy Costume
Green Bharathanatyam fancy dress Vivekanandar turban
Green Top for Boy fancy dress Water Drop Fancy Costume
Green Top for Boy fancy dress Water Drop Fancy Costume
Green Top for Boy fancy dress Watermalon Fancy Costume
Grey jumpsuit fancy dress
Grey wig fancy pros
Western dance dress
gujarati boy 4 to 5 years Orange fancy dress
gujarati boy 4 to 5 years red fancy dress
Gujarati girl fancy dress
Gujarati Jewelry  – Ear ring – Waist Belt fancy accessories Western Firozi Top
Gujarati Lehenga fancy dress
Gun Cover Fancy Costume props Western Green Top
Gun Fancy Costume props Western Green Top
Gun Thoda (Thoppakki thoda) fancy props Western Mazanta Top
Hair band Fancy Costume props Western Red Top
hand gloves Fancy Costume props Western Red Top
Hanuman Fancy Costume Western Yellow Top
Haram fancy jewel set White
Haram fancy jewel set White
Hattori Cartoon Fancy Costume White
Hippo Fancy Costume White ghost
Honeybee cutout Fancy Costume white jumpsuite (soft light pattern)
Horn (light) Fancy Costume props LCD Frock White
Horn with light fancy props White mohiniatam
Hulk Fancy Costume White Net Frock
Ice cream cutout Fancy Costume White Net Frock
Indra Gandhi Wig Fancy Costume Props White pagdi
Indra wig  Fancy Costume props White red net
Inner upper White red net
Iragu Fancy Costume Props White red net
Iron Man Fancy Costume White sippaimset
Flower Yellow Costume Props
Flower Yellow Double Shade
Jumpsuite White
Kurta Paijama White
Odissi Fancy Costume
western golden pattern
Western Yellow Top
white dhoti – golden border
white dhoti Plain
White gown
White Net Frock
White single layered flower
White skirt and top
White skirt and top
Wig Straigt hair colour
Wing black
Wing red
Wing white Fancy Costume Props
Witch broom Fancy Costume Props
wolf rubber mask
3 frill skirt and top
skirt and top
Flower Double Shade