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Blossom Faancys: Where Fancy Costumes are Plentiful, Magnanimous and Alluring

We hear people say “ It’s hard to find a fancy dress shop which has a wide range of costumes satisfying the needs of our children to win their upcoming fancy dress competition.” “I cannot afford to buy Bharatanatyam Costumes for rent for my students in dance school.”  If any Chennai people hear these things, they immediately direct you to the new grand center for a wide variety of costumes – BLOSSOM FAANCYS in New Perungalathur near Perumal Koil, Chennai, well stocked up and novel costume rental and sales shop. It is a perpetual venue that provides costumes to a line-up of performances – from School fancy dress competition and dance programmes to eye-catching theatre and drama work by local artists and performing arts companies.

Fancy Costumes

This grand venue is nothing but a 3 storeyed building but with millions of costumes to suit your taste. The Proprietress Mrs. Preetha Udayakumar, 39 years old is an amazing businesswoman who deals with a wide range of customers with the utmost care and satisfaction. Her unflinching love for children has implanted an idea in her mind to start a business concerning the happiness of the children. When kids dress up with beautiful, shiny, dazzling, awesome costumes, the smiles in their faces have no bounds and the joy they feel when they win their competitions is immeasurable. This joy has triggered her to expand her business exponentially to satisfy the needs of a wide range of customers- kids and adults; locally, nationally and even internationally.

Classical Dance Dress

Blossom Faancys is filled with various kinds of fancy dresses on the shelves and the more you explore the more you discover. Inside shelves and boxes are bits and pieces from another world — soldier’s swords, king’s robes, queen’s jewelry, demon’s garlands with skulls, magnificent gowns, stiff waistcoats, gold-colored paper-made crowns, and turbans, to fruit, insect, and animal outfits. This shop transforms ordinary men and women and tiny kids into beautiful characters who awe the audience with their activities and most importantly with their costumes.

Regional|State Wise Folk Dance Dresses

Started in 2017, this venue supplies costumes for theatre, street plays, movies, small screens, schools, and colleges, performing art schools and dance schools. “As there are only a few shops offering a wide variety and kinds of costumes and that too at very high costs, it is very tiresome expensive to purchase costumes for every show. Having considering these complications, I decided to rent out costumes and started this business. With god’s blessings, this business flourished with satisfied customers from all around the world.” says Preetha Udayakumar.

Western Dance Dresses Costume Sale Hire Wholesale Chennai Bangalore

From mythological to social, amateur to professional, modern to experimental, all plays becomes complete only with a relevant costume. This shop has costumes for every possible traditional, historical and mythological character from our grandmother’s stories we heard in our childhood. There are also flashy jewelleries for dancers and stage actors & actresses.

Group Dance Costumes Sale Hire Wholesale Chennai Bangalore

This is a one-stop-shop for fancy dress competitions where all types of fancy uniforms: police, military, air force and navy, complete with toy weapons, air hostess uniforms, community helper costumes, drama costumes, Halloween costumes, dresses for Jhansi Rani LaxmiBai, Gandhiji, Jawaharlal Nehru. Etc. vegetables & fruits costumes, animal & bird costumes and all types of classical, religious, regional,  western dresses in all colours, shapes, sizes, designs, lengths, and print can be found.

Special Events Dresses

A wide range of costumes is also available for dance forms like Bharatanatyam, Rajasthani, Manipuri, Gujarati, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Kathak, Bhangra, Salsa, contemporary and belly dances in all sizes, necessary colours, etc. Not only this, traditional and region-specific attire including Maharashtrian, Punjabi, South Indian, designer Sherwanis, Pathani, Kurtas, designer sarees, designer Lehengas and Ghagra Cholis are also available. The shop also provides colorful ornaments, designer wigs, and crowns, wings and wands, swords and shields, etc.

Special Costumes

Business is seasonal

April, May, June, and July are the light months in our business agenda as it is the time of vacations and Kids Play Schools are Blossom Faancys’s regular customers but we utilize these months to check the annual inventory of stocks and invest in new ones. But our business is booming with customers in other months as various competitions and events arise during this time for kids and adults ranging from fancy dress competitions and dance shows to stage plays and dramas. Preetha Udayakumar



Fancy Costume is the largest supplier of Fancy Dresses in Chennai known as Blossom Faancys. We have a ready stock of Western Dance Dresses, Bharathanatyam Dresses, Mythological & Folk Dance Costumes, Theme-based Costumes, Kids Fancy  Classical Dance Dress Western Dance CostumesKutchupudi Dance, Manipuri Dance Dress, Traditional Dance costumes Accessories and much more available at a reasonable price.

Bridal Jewellery Sets are also available.

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