Bharatanatyam Measurement – How to Measure Bharatanatyam Costume Stitching

Bharatanatyam Dance Costume Measurement Size:

For Kids

Ready to wear saree and Skirt/Blouse

  • Around Chest
  • Required Blouse Length


For Adults

  • Dance Costume pattern
  • Colour choice.


  • Up to knee length
  • Full length(pyjama)
  • Full length (skirt)
  • Around hip
  • Waist
  • Around ankle
  • Upper cloth length
  • Back length
  • From shoulder to point or bust
  • From shoulder to below bust or full length
  • Around above breast
  • Around on bust
  • Around waist
  • Around sleeves (upper arm)
  • Around sleeves (lower arm)
  • The center backbone to the shoulder
  • Sleeve length

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