Bharatanatyam Dress Makeup – How to Get Dressed Bharatanatyam Costume

Bharatanatyam is a classical art form originated in Tamil Nadu, India. It follows the principles of the Natya Shastra and learning Bharatanatyam usually takes a few years to perform his/her Arangetram publicly.

There are 2 models used in Bharatanatyam Costumes for girls: The Skirt (Saree) model and the Pant (Pyjama) model. Dancers wearing costumes stitched from silk sarees (Art Silk, Raw Silk, Pure Silk, China Silk, etc.) with gold zari embroidery styles. The pleats in these costumes open superbly once the dancer forms a specific posture particularly arai mandi (half sitting) and muzhu mandi (full sitting).


  • Blouse / Skirt (upper part)
  • Pyjama / Saree (lower part)
  • Fans (2 fans, 3 fans, etc.) (waist)
  • Pallu (drape over bottom)

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  • Jumka (earring with upward extension)
  • Oddiyanam (Waistband)
  • Nathni (Nose Ring)
  • Long os zygomaticum (Long Necklace)
  • Short os zygomaticum (Choker)
  • 2 Vaanki (armbands)
  • Chudiya (colored bangles to match your dress)
  • Ghungroo (musical anklet with bimetallic bells)
  • Mattal (Forehead)
  • Chandra (moon formed hair ornament)
  • Surya (sun formed hair ornament)

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  • Red adhesive Bindi (an ornamental mark worn within the middle of the forehead)


  • Kunjalam
  • 2 Rubber Bands
  • Hair Extension (to tie an extended plait with)
  • Real or pretend Gajra (a string of flowers, typically white)
  • A try of Scissors
  • Black String

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  • Eye Shadow (to match dress)
  • Brushes
  • Face Powder
  • Blush
  • Liquid Foundation
  • Red Lip Color
  • Red enamel
  • Eye Liner
  • Mascara
  • Kohl (dark black)
  • Eyelash crimper
  • Alta (a red-colored liquid that the dancers use to embellish their hands and feet) container
  • A small instrumentation
  • Cotton Buds
  • Safety Pins

Procedure 1

  • Wear the Skirt and therefore the pants or Blouse and Saree
  • Make sure the string of the pants is tight before you tie a double knot.

Procedure 2

  • Holding the connected finish of your hair extensions, begin fastening it into a plait
  • When you reach the last three inches, plait within the Kunjalam
  • Tie the strings of the Kunjalam round the finish of the plait as shown
  • Take a fifteen-inch string through the connected finish of the hair extension

Procedure 3

The Hair: The Bun

  1. Brushback all of your hair
  2. half your hair centrally until the highest of you head
  3. employing an elastic device, tie a good hairdo at a medium height
  4. flip the hairdo around into a breadstuff and secure in situ with another elastic device
  5. put away any stray hair with hairpins

Procedure 4

The Hair: Extension and Gajra

Adding the extension
  • Taking the plaited hair extensions by the necktie it firmly rounds the bun2. you’ll be able to go around many times to confirm a good grip
The Gajra
  • Attach one finish of the Gajra firmly to the facet of the breadstuff mistreatment hair pins2. Take the Gajra round the breadstuff 2 or 3 times (till it looks sufficiently thick)
  • Attach the opposite finish to the hair employing a hair pin4

Procedure 5

Tying the Pallu

  • With the assistance of a security pin, attach the Pallu’s prime finish to your shirt from the within
  • Pull back the drawstrings from the front 0.5 and tie a good double knot at the rear
  • Pull in front the drawstrings from the rear 0.5 and tie a good double knot on the front
  • put away the front and back loose ends of the Pallu into the pants

Procedure 6

Attaching the little fan

  • Take the little fan around your waist and fix it to the front as shown within the pictures

Procedure 7


Basic Face frame
  • Equally, apply the necessary quantity of liquid foundation on your face and neck (varies as per skin tone)
  • Apply makeup on face and neck
  • Apply Face Blush to your cheeks. Be generous with the color.
  • Apply red lipstick
Eye frame

The eye make-up of a Bharatanatyam Dancer is the most essential part of her dressing. The eyes are extremely communicative throughout the dance thus it becomes essential to focus on them with correct care.

  1. Apply eye shadow. opt for the colors per your dress similarly as what appearance smart along with your complexion. try and use darker colors
  2. Apply a thick layer of makeup that extends outward and curls upward. this could not bite your eyebrows (consult the image)
  3. Use a thick, dark line of war paint underneath your eyes
  4. Add volume to your haires mistreatment makeup associate degreed curl them up with an eyelash crimper

Procedure 8

The Bindi

  • Stick the Bindi in the middle of your forehead2. mistreatment makeup create a tiny low dot underneath your Bindi

(Note: folks wear varied forms of Bindis. Some are long and ornamental whereas others are round and easy. Bindi’s are available in all shapes and sizes therefore opt for one that suits your face. Some folks additionally paint on their Bindi’s)

Procedure 9

Painting the hands

  1. Color all of your nails red (hands and feet)and expect it to dry.
  2. Pour some Alta in an exceeding instrumentation
  3. mistreatment associate degree earbud paint a circle within the center of your palm and fill in color at the tip of your fingers
  4. Repeat for the front and back of each hand
  5. Paint a circle on prime of your foot. Draw a line around your feet and fill in your toes
  6. expect your hands and feet to dry to avoid staining your costume

Procedure 10

Jewelry  – 1

Chandra Hindu deity
  • Tie the Chandra and therefore the Hindu deity on a string regarding seven inches apart.
  • With the Hindu deity on the correct and therefore the Chandra on the left, tightly pull the string from the highest of your head to underneath your breadstuff and tie 2 sturdy knots there
  • Secure in situ with the assistance of hairpins.
  1. placed on the earrings
  2. Take the upward extended half and fix it to your hair mistreatment hairpins (Note: you’ll be able to additionally tie some string to the earring’s prime finish to form it easier to connect along with your hair)
  1. Pull the middle band of you Mattal to the highest of your head so the top of your forehead has the Tikka(big central ornament)
  2. confirm that the Tikka isn’t sagging or loose.
  3. Pull the facet bands of the Mattal from behind your earrings, to the rear of your head. Tie them tightly along.
  4. Use hairpins to tighten if required.

Procedure 11

Jewelry  – 2

Short Mala
  • Tie the choker tightly around your neck (remove your plait from between the string)
Long Mala
  • Tie the long mall around your neck (remove your plait from between the string)
  • Attach each of the strings of the os zygomaticum to the Pallu mistreatment safety pins from the reverse facet. this is often done so the os zygomaticum stays in situ through the dance
  • Attach the Pallu to the shirt employing a pin (from reverse side)

Tie each the armbands on either facet over the sleeve of the shirt terribly tightly

  • Tie the waistband around your waist
  • confirm to tie the plait within the string of the band (this is don’t so the hair keep in place)
  • the plait ought to be a force out from the highest of the waistband to it’s almost like within the image(this is completed to offer the topfreedom to move)

Wear the bangles equally on each hand


  • Tie the Ghungroo firmly around your ankles
  • Confirm the Ghungroo’s are tied over the pants and therefore the Pyajama are tucked into the Ghungroo

(Note: There are some Ghungroo’s that come back on a string. each may be used and may be tied over the Pyjama)

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Well done!  You are completed!

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